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Pretty Red Apple Shape Fragrance Lamp


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 Pretty Red Apple Shape Fragrance Lamp

red apple appearance fragrance lamp,pearmain shape perfum lamp,air fresheners,quarenden style aroma lamp,glass perfume bottle with catalytic lamp wick holder,air diffuser

Item: PCFB020
material: glass
colour: Red
size: 100ml

1.Besides Pretty Red Apple Shape Fragrance Lamp,other fragrance lamp accessory is available as Wick Holder,Funnel, Decorative Metal Crown Lid,Stone Burner, Snuffer Cap,Protect Bag.
2.Whole set have remained popular as air fresheners.
3.Different shape/appearance fragrance bottle can be producted,accept OEM.
4.We also supply crimping machine for crimping the wick holder onto the pretty fragrance bottles.
5.All kinds of colors Decorative Metal Crown Lids are available.

Method of use
1.your fragrance bottle's neck should be crimped with the wick holder together. 
2.Take of the stone burner with wick.Fill your perfume/oil at 2/3 maximum of your fragrance bottle.
3.Replace the stone burner. Let it soak 30 minutes.
4.Light your stone burner. Never let the flame unattended.
5.Blow off the flame after 2 minutes maximum. Place the decrotive shade.then also can put them into pretty protect bag to hanging in the air.
6.if want to stop,just take of the decrotive shade and place the snuffer cap.

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