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80ml luxury glass fragrance lamp oil bottle

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 80ml luxury glass fragrance lamp oil bottle

luxury glass fragrance lamp bottle, 80ml twill type catalytic fragrance bottle, perfume bottle for effusion lamps
Item: PCFB012
Material: glass
Color: red
Seal: crimp cap
Used: fragrance lamp bottle
1. 80ml luxury glass fragrance lamp oil bottle with twill type or other beautiful design.
2. 80ml fragrance lamp bottle with decorative crowns and wick for catalytic fragrance lamps use.
3. Samples of fragrance bottle, decorative crowns, wick and plastic funnel can be available.

Method of use
1. your fragrance bottle's neck should be crimped with the wick holder together. 
2. Take of the stone burner with wick.Fill your perfume/oil at 2/3 maximum of your fragrance bottle.
3. Replace the stone burner. Let it soak 30 minutes.
4. Light your stone burner. Never let the flame unattended.
5. Blow off the flame after 2 minutes maximum. Place the decrotive shade.then also can put them into pretty protect bag to hanging in the air.
6. if want to stop,just take of the decrotive shade and place the snuffer cap.
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