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Orange Traditional Perfume Lamp with crimped Wick Holder

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 Orange Traditional Perfume Lamp with crimped Wick Holder

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item: PCFB009

1.Orange Traditional Perfume Lamps with crimped Wick Holder can be combined with plastic funnel, stone/wick, snuffer cap, a decorative crown,protect bag.
2.Orange Traditional Perfume Lamp are less than an hour is usually enough to perfume a whole house. 
3.It is safe around children and animals.
4.With the many designs and colors, you are sure to find one that will complement your home or office.

Method of use
1.your fragrance bottle's neck should be crimped with the wick holder together. 
2.Take of the stone burner with wick.Fill your perfume/oil at 2/3 maximum of your fragrance bottle.
3.Replace the stone burner. Let it soak 30 minutes.
4.Light your stone burner. Never let the flame unattended.
5.Blow off the flame after 2 minutes maximum. Place the decrotive shade.then also can put them into pretty protect bag to hanging in the air.
6.if want to stop,just take of the decrotive shade and place the snuffer cap.

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