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About Us

Linan Quanke Packaging Products Co., Ltd
China manufacturer of fragrance essential oil bottles, glass colorful bottles, perfume bottles, plastic/glass atomizers/sprayers, perfume tester vial, perfume sample vials, scent bottles, medical vials, flip off caps, glass vials, butyl rubber stoppers.
       our essential oil bottles include green color bottle, amber color bottle, blue color bottle, clear color bottle, also supply accessories for fragrance essential oil bottle such as glass dropper, tamper evident plastic caps, euro dropper etc.
       we supply many different style perfume bottle: 
aluminum atomizers have aluminum color printed shell, glass screw neck bottle, aluminum spray;
 plastic atomizers which also named perfume plastic bottle, plastic sprayer in pen style; 
glass atomizers in flower style, heart style, normal style ect;
we also supply many sizes and type mist sprayer as showed in our website .
FRAGRANCE LAMP --our new products, you also can find the components for this marvellous home used lamp:
fragrance bottle: we supply several type glass bottle in various colors.
stone burner & wick: two sizes, more than four styles, put on the fragrance bottle and lit it.
decorative shade: after you lit the stone burner, put the decorative shade on the fragrance bottle, browse on our web and find you like.
aroma lamp whole set: we match the fragrance bottle with decorative shade, you also can choose your like.
PERFUME TESTER VIAL: we supply 0.5ml, 1ml, 1.5ml, 2ml, 3ml, 4ml, 5ml perfume glass tester vials, good for your perfume samples, you can test the new perfume easily with the colorful plug.
         In the classification SCENT&MEDICAL VIAL, we show you the glass vial with crimp tops in clear and amber color which can be sealed with flip off caps, butyl stopper.
And we also supply customized products such as printing on the glass vial, glass bottle with logo, flip off caps with custom logo in custom color. 
if you have interest about our products, or you don't find the exact product you need, feel free to contact us, we'll try our best to help you
Linan Quanke Packaging Products Co., Ltd

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